What I do

I specialize in Video Editing and Website Development. 

Located in Malaysia, serving customers from all over the world. My clients are individuals, small businesses, NGO’s, clubs, etc.

Video Editing

Clients send me their raw material: videos, film, photos, slides, text… Together we discuss a ‘script’ on headlines: target audience, storyline, duration, music, special effects, video format… And I do the rest.

High quality and creativity. Just for the fun of making something nice

I use Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, Motion and other tools to put together a professional looking video.

Website Development

My website design and development services are tailored to clients’ needs. Building on the popular WordPress platform we can have your website up and running in a few days. I will maintain it for you, or, if you are keen on learning some easy principles, you may prefer to maintain it yourself.


My prices are very reasonable. I only work on a Fixed Price basis. No surprises; no extras; If you don’t like the result, then I won’t charge anything.