Things and Stuff

I use this page for unfinished or abandoned projects, but that are interesting enough to keep and display.


Since the Covid-19 crisis many restaurants, shops, offices require registration before allowing visitors or clients to enter the premises. I developed a few QR-code based registration systems.


Just for the fun of it


WordPress does not have many options to work with tables in the website. So, I have to program in HTML. Here is a simple table (and my to-do List).

Action Prio Status
Cleanup Talking Heads headerLowDone
Add Covid-apps to this page with secondary menuMediumDone
Remove children from birthday videoHighDone
Make and publish EB Promo videoHighDone
Find out how to manipulate field length in contact formMediumNew
Make Payment pageLowNew
Find out how to manipulate this table MediumBusy
Make payment page with PaypalMediumNew
Move ‘Who am I’ to Contact PageMediumDone
Add Promo video to SidebarMediumDone