Highbank Condominium

Our Highbank Community is a interesting group of friends and neighbours of many nationalities, young families and retired folks, friendly and grumpy individuals.

Family Memories

Reminisce with family members from all over the world and using old film material in new compositions.

Video Greetings

Who writes a postcard nowadays? Whenever I want to go beyond a simple ‘Happy birthday’ on Facebook or Whatsapp, I try to compose a video greeting.

Holidays and Road Trips

Video diaries of our road trips, beach holidays, city trips…

Talking Personalities

My job was to design the intro and outro, remove the ehm’s, cut and splice, cleanup sound and color, titles and subtitles.


Since 2015 I’ve been a participant of this illustrious Badminton Team. My video editing skills are somewhat more developed than my badminton skills.

Family Vintage

I love to revive old photos and film. So you can imagine what a treasure it was to find this box full of old 8mm films that my grandfather once shot. And I received copies of old film from the Hollander family, with whom we shared holidays. We are talking about the 1960’s and 1970’s here.

Special effects

A few short videos for clients with special requests.

The Quint tapes

In 1992 we founded Quint Wellington Redwood. In 2004 I left Quint and decided to record the history of the company, that had such a big impact on my life, in a video compilation.