You send me your footage. This can be digital video, photo's, 8mm video, slides, whatever.

Together we make a global 'script', an idea of what to put in the final video. What kind of audience are you targetting? Any intro's, outro's, cuts and splices, music, subtitles, special effects, etc.

El Bianco Studio manipulates, rearranges, colorizes and puts together the footage into a top-notch video production.

In any format format you like. Ready for showing on your website, Youtube or in your home cinema.

Our holiday in New Zealand.


A trip with our neighbors to Korea.


Video editing


I edited a series of videos for Sandy Zuniga. She is a breast cancer survivor.


When I left the company that I had co-founded in 1992, I put 15 years of corporate history into a 90 minute video.


On a cruise with my adopted American family.

This vintage video is a compilation of boxes full of 8mm video.

"Through my grandfather's eyes"